Twitter Stats and Status Tools

by on September 2nd, 2009

While there is a way to check Twitter Official website status by using Twitter Status official update page but history has shown that even Twitter goes down from time to time. Users are very curious and they want to be updated that when the services will be back and when they will be able to post again. We try some twitter tools here which analyze Twitter stats to a much higher level.

  • Twitter Delay – Monitor how long it takes twitter to deliver messages during periods of high user demand.  Watch as twitter battles with the challenges of more and more users on it’s service.
  • TwitterAnalyzer – is one of the most extensive Twitter applications ever… basically, its a tool for Twitter users to analyze themselves or their friends, but Twitter Analyzer takes the statistics data to a much higher level… (it is called by some Twitter users the “Google Analytics for Twitter users”) and rightly so, TwitterAnalyzer features more then 50 statistics measures displayed in 3D graphs and World Maps enabling surgical precision tuning of your twitter stream… you would discover many things about your or your friends Twitter presence… you can even share your statistics with your friends.