Twitter for Fun – Tools and Apps

by on September 8th, 2009

Twitter is for fun. Following tools and apps will add more fun to your tweets. Hey! More fun is equals to more followers, right! You can send karma to friends, post inverted tweets and you can add some colors and cool effects to your tweets and more…

  • twitspect – Send respect and karma to twitter users by including @twitspect in your tweets: e.g. "sending @joe some @twitspect for retweeting that URL!" Then visit to see who is being respected right now. Also check your own karma, and even get a widget to show your twitspect on your blog.
  • twitRobot New! – Freak your friends using upside down twitter messages . Let your friends read the messages from upside down. Lots of other features like bulk follow, Bulk follow filters, Auto posting, RSS posting, future tweets etc..
  • Twipestry – A small app that creates a tapestry of images relating to keywords from a user’s tweets.
  • twitter in colors -twitter in colors displays your latest twitter message with colored squares. no more, no less.