The Bird Does Not Like Auto Feeding

by on May 18th, 2010

Do not do this if you are using Twitter - TechMynd Tip

Yep! I’m Talking about the Twitter. Lost two Twitter Accounts so far and I do not regret it :) Seriously! Because I am not that much into Tweeting. I am not the bird and of course I am not the Facebook Online Farmer at Farmville either. Here is the word of caution for Twitter users.

Twitter DOES NOT like auto tweeting or auto feeding.

Have you used the site TwitterFeed? You create an account there and provide it your Twitter ID + Pass + give Blog RSS to TwitterFeed and forget it. TwitterFeed will update your Twitter account with latest tweets containing latest juice from your blog (new blog posts).

Don’t use TwitterFeed or any such services out there if you like to keep your Twitter account alive.

Atleast I learned it after losing two Twitter accounts.

Let’s share the details.

Why is there Twitter service?
Why we use Twitter?

We use Twitetr to update our status or whatever we are doing right now. A blogger or publisher writes about stuff and he will definitely update users about new content he has created.

I do not understand it, that why Twitter has got problem whether you go yourself and tweet about the new blog post or you put it on auto tweeting.

Both ways you have to update your followers about what you have published or written at your blog or whatever is new at your blog. Now there are many blogs which are associated with the Twitter account by not any individual’s name. They have their blog name as a username at Twitter.

If that is a Twitter account for a blog (not the individual) then it should be updating with the tweets containing new content of blog.

Why Twitter cares about whether a person logs in and tweets himself that ‘Hi! this is my new post’ or that account just receive update via feed???

But actually they care. If you post tweets yourself then you are safe and if you are using any service to update your Twitter account in order to update your blog users, then your Twitter account will be banned sooner or later without a warning and you can not do anything about it and it will not be released free for you ever again.

You will have to create a new Twitter account and start over.

Now I had some followers, I hope they will find me again directly at this blog but Its a not so much good thing for such a big service like Twitter to compel users to come at the site and Tweet. Yes! They compel users to come at site – give username and pass – go to home or profile tab and write a tweet and click the tweet button.

I am a publisher and I like to use many networks so that my friends may find me and follow me. I like to give them, many ways to connect with me at multiple sites to get intouch with what I am doing. I am publishing, so I have to post new content links at those social networking websites. Its just the way that if you like to be updated then you can subscribe to feeds, newsletter, facebook page or twitter page for my blog….

In case of Twitter this fails. Twitter is a limited service, tell you the truth. If you are a webmaster and your site offers to register an account, then the most evil thing you can do to him is to block him, which Twitter does in order to punish you because you are updating your users via Twitter by using auto feeding service.

If that’s so much critical issue for Twitter then Twitter should claim such services and get them off the map immediately.

Let alone TwitterFeed….Feedburner does that. Google service Feedburner can take your Twitter account info and update Twitter whenever you post new content. I am not sure this method will get you banned or not but this is also the same.

What do you think?