Turn Windows 7 Laptop into a WiFi Hotspot – Share Laptop Internet

by on December 8th, 2009

connectifyTurn your Windows 7 laptop into a WiFi Hotspot to share the internet with friends, family, mobile devices or colleagues. Take any internet connection and share it wirelessly with any number of devices with no additional hardware.

With ADSL/DSL internet connection, we tend to have a modem / router to connect laptops / computers to the internet. The problem arises when we want to connect through a wireless mobile device and we want to use internet on it using our ADSL/DSL connection, we can not connect the mobile device through the ethernet cable. It can only be connected wirelessly. Here is a software based solution.

Connectify is a software based wireless router which turns laptop wireless into a full blown WiFi hotspot so that other wireless devices can connect to it for using the internet. It will work for Windows 7 based Laptops only.


How to share internet connection wirelessly

To get started, click on the Connectify logo in the Notification Tray.

  • Select the Internet connection you wish to share
  • Choose a name for your new wireless network
  • Choose a wireless passphrase
  • If the Mode box is visible, select “Access Point” if it is in the menu, otherwise, use “Ad Hoc”.
  • Press the Start Hotspot Sharing button to turn on your wireless network
  • Now, from your other devices, you can see your wireless network. Choose to join it, and enter the wireless passphrase to connect.

Download Connectify – Wireless Internet Sharing Software

Download Connectify (1.17 MB)

18 Reviews

  1. Richard Nathaniel R. Salazar says:

    thanks man your the best among the rest!!!!!

  2. huycomf says:

    Hi, I can’t access to the Internet because of this error: “Unknown exception configuring Hotspot. Please try reconnecting/reenabling your wireless device or reboot and try again” though I turn wireless button on.

    Help me asap. thnks in advance.

  3. anas says:

    HI i have tried using connectify, but it shows CF008002 error that saying wifi is not switched on plz swith on it now what sholud i do to rectify this??

    • Hiroshi says:

      Connectify CF008002 Error Solution: It seems that your Wi-Fi is disabled. Make sure your device is plugged in. If your device has a hardware switch, make sure it is in the “on” position.

  4. dpz says:

    Wonderful application, I can connect my iPad via my laptop…so as my wife’s laptop too.

  5. marcjj says:

    Brilliant software, connects to my ipod spot on. thank you so much for this fantastic software !!!!!!!!!

  6. el says:

    wow.. amazing.. thx bro..

  7. Patrick says:

    Does not work for me.

    Tried to share my 3g connection with a Ipod Touch. Connection and signal is fine, the Ipod have timeout on every web sites.. Data does not want to pass thru. Its a fail for me.

  8. name says:


    i am having the same problem, i have tried to get this to work many times it just seems as if there is no way to creat a hot spot if you use a aircard i have a att usb aircard. but yea if anyone knows how to do it using a aircard help would be much appreciated

  9. Hiroshi says:

    @davey68: I hope so. Haven’t tried that with USB though.

  10. davey68 says:

    does it work for a usb air card internet? author help me out

  11. milorad81 says:

    Ironiq,same thing is with me,any help????? please

  12. Dr Jaydeep says:

    I tried the above method. I am using windows 7. But when i tried to access on my phone i got a pop up “no gateway reply”. Author, please help me out.

  13. ironiq says:

    i hav a pppoe connection and i think that is blocking my acces to internet. i find the wifi with connectify but the internet and cydia doesnt works. what should i do?

  14. bawa35 says:

    Thanks a million, this one really works, i,ve been searching for something like this since ages. thanks once again

  15. Dr Patel says:

    Is there a way to Turn Windows XP (SP3) Laptop into a WiFi Hotspot – Share Laptop Internet with mobile device like iPhone

  16. satyank says:

    I am using Windows 7 on my WiFi PC and used “connectify” to connect my wifi mobile to internet. Thanks to techmynd.com and connectify to solve my problem. Its very simple to install and use. Its really works and i am fully satisfied. I rank this application *****

  17. Connectify says:

    Thanks for writing about Connectify. We thought you may want to know that Connectify 1.0 is now available for free as the first production ready release. Some older wireless cards do not yet have full Windows 7 support, and for those devices Connectify will act as an Ad Hoc connection manager, instead of a full blown Wi-Fi Access Point.

    Thank you again for your support.