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There are many ways to transform Windows XP into Mac OSX. For users who do not feel like to actually use MAC but love to have look and feel like MAC OSX for their Windows XP, this topic can help.

Following procedure is to turn XP into MAC OS X Leopard. It will not hurt your PC settings or software. Windows settings will remain same and software will work fine. This is just a transformation which changes the look and feel of you Window XP.

Easy to use transformation pack for turning your Window XP to Mac OSX is Flyakite OSX. Flyakite is freeware and is not affiliated or endorsed by Apple or its affiliates.


FlyakiteOSX is a transformation pack. It will transform the look of an ordinary Windows XP+ system to resemble the look of Mac OS X. The installer simply automates the process of replacing critical system files, setting registry tweaks, and installing extras such as cursors, sounds, visual styles, etc. FlyakiteOSX DOES NOT contain any spyware or ad-ware of any kind. All files needed for FlyakiteOSX are stored in the Windows directory in a folder named ‘FlyakiteOSX’ that is hidden by default. All registry values for FlyakiteOSX are written to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\FlyakiteOSX.

Transformation Using Flyakite OSX
  • Download Flyakite OSX
  • Double click the downloaded file to install the transformation pack
  • During the installation, create a restore point (for safely switching back, if anything goes wrong)
  • Install the package
  • Restart your computer
  • Done

XP Login ScreenShot


XP Desktop ScreenShot


Download Flyakite-V3.5 – Link 1
Download Flyakite-V3.5 – Link 2
Download Flyakite-V3- Link 3

Home page of Flyakite

Transformation Using Brico Pack – LeopardXP

bricopackUsing Brico pack-LeopardXP you can transform Windows XP into MAC. This is all in one transformation pack having everything you need for transformation. The visual transformation is full. The menu bar moves to the upper side of the screen, the start menu is substituted by the apple, window controls move to the left and are the same you use in a Mac. Yes, you’ll also have the famous Dock, a toolbar that gives you direct access to several applications and that gives a really good movement sense, in fact it is placed there by using one of the most famous pieces of software for Windows customization. Finally, the background will be changed and if anybody visits you, he will be amazed to see that you are using MAC. It happened with me. My colleague was using Ubuntu Transformation pack for XP. When I saw 3D style desktop and scrolling windows and charming visual style, I was amazed and asked him that he is using Linux. He smiled and said, Oh Yeah! Later on I realized the fact.



Download Brico Transformation Pack – LeopardXP (40+MB)

Download Brico Transformation Pack – LeopardXP – Link 1
Download Brico Transformation Pack – LeopardXP – Link 2

If you do not need heavy transformation pack with 40+MB size. You can style your Windows XP with LeopardXP VS Theme.

XP Transformation Using LeopardXP VS Theme – (2.25 MB)


This ‘Apple OS theme’ for XP is of 2.25 MB size and it will transform your XP look, like Leopard MAC OSX. The skin is comparatively light weighed than LeopardXP Brico Pack.

Download LeopardXP VS Theme

Download LeopardXP VS Theme for Windows XP – Link 1
Download LeopardXP VS Theme for Windows XP – Link 2

More Transformation Packs

Want more? Follow these pages and click the download link at the left side of screenshot.

Leopard XP Visual Style
LeopardXP VS

Do It Yourself XP to MAC Transformation

Another way is to customize Windows objects and portions one by one yourself. There are many little tools available, ready to turn XP into MAC like appearance.

Following tools will help your XP transform into MAC OSX. Choose your best tools.

  • StyleXP or WindowBlinds (skins the Graphical User Interface of your operating system)
  • ObjectBar (the white Finder bar on the top of Macs; has File, Edit, View, etc. on it.)
  • ObjectDock, YzDock, or MobyDock (The dock on the bottom of a Mac that contains icons and shortcuts to programs)
  • Trillian (chat program that can be skinned to resemble iChat)
  • YzToolbar (skins the toolbar icons in your Windows windows)
  • YzShadow (puts a lovely drop shadow under your windows like in Mac OS X)
  • Rainlendar (popular skinable desktop calendar)
  • Rainmeter (skinnable desktop system statistics)
  • Samurize (can display just about anything, such as clocks, uptime, and the weather)
  • iTunes for Windows
  • Icons (Over a 1,000 icons lifted from Mac OS X 10.3 aka Panther)

Engadget has a bit detailed version about transforming XP into MAC by using these tools.

More Recommendations

40 MAC wallpapers (Choose your MAC wallpaper for XP desktop)
MySpaces (multiple desktop like on Mac OS X Leopard)
Nexplorer (Explorer replacement program)
Yahoo Widgets
Mozzila Thunderbird (Email application)
Safari (MAC’s Internet Explorer)
Address Book (Panther’s Address Book – look & feel)

Famous MAC Wallpapers for your Desktop Background

If you just transformed Windows XP into MAC by using custom tools, then look at these amazing wallpapers just for MAC. First one is the right choice for your desktop background and you are ready to use your Windows XP powered by MAC, but only you will know it, not your friends.



Do it Yourself XP to MAC Transformation Video Demonstration

If you are interested to do it yourself. Watch video demonstration for it.

1- In case of themes installation and specific types of files (.dll, .theme, .msstyle etc) which are not installers, you need to find a place C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes to copy those files there.
2- In case you are using SP1, SP2, SP3 with XP or SP1 or later with Vista, You first need to allow third party themes support before transforming OS. You will need some kind of UXTheme patcher.
3- Transformations are for advanced users, who can bear experimentation with OS.

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