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by on April 2nd, 2009


Transform Windows XP into Ubuntu. There is no single installer for this one. But yet these tools in combination can give Windows XP, look of Ubuntu. The good thing about having a package with all these elements, categorized in several different folders, is that you can choose what to install and what to leave unchanged. The downside is that you have to do it step by step. But thats what we call geeky, eh! You can install and uninstall these as you wish to. These will not disturb your Windows XP files, programs and settings but just transform the look and feel of your Windows XP into beautiful Linux Ubuntu version.

ubuntu-docs-2, XP into Ubuntu

ubuntu-3d-desktop-3, XP into Ubuntu

Transform Windows XP into Linux with UbuntuXP

UbuntuXP is the Ubuntu’s look for your Windows XP. The package comes with some installers to change different visual aspects of Windows XP into Linux Ubuntu.

xp-to-ubuntu, XP into Ubuntu

How to Install – XP into Ubuntu

  • Unpack the rar file
  • Install “uxtheme patcher” from folder called “APPS”
  • Restart your system
  • Look for “Visual Styles folder” and use “Clearlooks” to change theme of Windows XP
  • Look for “Icons Folder” and use “Super_Turbo_Tango_Patcher_August_2006”
  • In “Apps” folder you can find a folder called FindeXer Nightly V1.1.0.3.
  • Cut this folder and put it in C:\
  • if you wish or any place you want, after that in the folder findexer you can find a “readme” file, read it please its very important.

  • Use the icons on “Ubuntu PNG” folder to change the icons, see the screenshot in the folder.
  • If you want to change the picture of the Classic Start menu on Windows XP, you must use “reshack and replacer”.

Download Windows XP to Ubuntu Transformation Pack

UbuntuXP – Download Link 1
UbuntuXP – Download Link 2
UbuntuXP – Download Link 3

Transform Windows XP into Linux with Ultimate Transformation

There is another package which comes with some of installers including clearlooks, human(Ubuntu), Plastic(KDE), Icons pakage, Tango_Patcher and cursor package for Windows XP to turn it into Ubuntu.,

Download Windows XP to Ubuntu Ultimate Transformation Pack

Ultimate Transformation Download Link 1
Ultimate Transformation Download Link 2

Customize Windows XP to Ubuntu Visual Style Yourself

Here are some more links to give your Windows XP a visual style of Ubuntu. Skins, patches and more…
By installing them you can make your Windows XP look like Ubuntu Linux. Just like Ubuntu itself, all programs are freeware.

Note: Before proceeding to these files make sure you click there at the download button. Do not be confused there by staring at the images. You will see each application’s screen shot there. At the left side of screen there is download link to download not that image, but the required installer which will tweak your XP.

What you will get from these link? Have a sneak peak preview.


Visual Style, 2nd, 3rd
Styler Toolbar
Ubuntu Cursor
Ubuntu Bootskin
Ubuntu Logon Screen, 2nd, 3rd
Ubuntu Firefox Human theme
Thunderbird Tango theme
Tango Icons for Thunderbird
Ubuntu skin for WinRAR
Ubuntu Tango eMule Skin
Tango Patcher
Download Ubuntu XP Window Previews
Download Ubuntu 3D Desktop for XP

Okay, now you can download all these above mentioned files and some more ;) directly from here.

Download Full Package

File removed because McAfee detected a threat (Generic PUP.x) in it.

Download Linux Ubuntu High Resolution Wallpapers for Desktop Background

Click the image for full resolution wallpaper download.









Okay, buddy, these are not much for now. In my coming posts, I gonna post huge collection of Ubuntu Desktop wallpapers for your ubuntu desktop, XP or whatever…
Meanwhile you can check Awesome 40 High Resolution Wallpapers of MAC, if you do not mind MAC wallpaper at your Windows XP.

Visit the Sweet Home of Ubuntu

Do you want to say anything about it? Having problems? Ask me.

1- In case of themes installation and specific types of files (.dll, .theme, .msstyle etc) which are not installers, you need to find a place C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes to copy those files there.
2- In case you are using SP1, SP2, SP3 with XP or SP1 or later with Vista, You first need to allow third party themes support before transforming OS. You will need some kind of UXTheme patcher.
3- Transformations are for advanced users, who can bear experimentation with OS.

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