Transform Windows Vista Into MAC OS X

by on April 11th, 2009


There are many ways to Transform Windows Vista Into MAC OS X. You can change different aspects of Vista into MAC manually or you can use safe choices e.g. some right installer.

Transform Vista into MAC Using Vista OSX


Vista OS X is a transformation pack for PC user and a safe choice to transform the look and feel of Windows Vista to Mac OS X. Vista OS X is an installer and is safe to install and use.

Vista OS X includes;

  • System Files – Boot logo, login screen, Welcome Center, Brandings, PC-Properties, Back and forward buttons, icons, uxtheme patch
  • Extras – Wallpaper, screensaver, leftsider, Rklauncher, sounds, cursors, spaces
  • Skins -Visual Style for Vista, WinRAR 3x and more

How to Transform Windows Vista into MAC OS X

Just install it and reboot PC.

How to Uninstall Vista OS X

Uninstallation is also easy. Open the Vista OS X Folder and click “Uninstall Vista OS X”. It automatically creates a restore point and you can restore everything to an earlier time, as it were before you installed the Vista OS X. To do the system restore, go to Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore. Click on Restore My Computer to an earlier time and choose the date. Your computer system will be restored to an earlier time before you installed Vista OS X. That’s it. Play safe.

Download Vista OS X

There are Windows Vista 32bit SP1, Windows Vista 64bit SP1, Windows Vista 32bit SP0 editions of Vista OS X pack. Choose right one for you.

Download Vista OS X

iVista Mac Transformation Pack


iVista Mac Transformation Pack will turn Windows Vista into a Mac. It includes the Leo Mac Theme, RK Launcher iVista Leopard, and wallpapers.

  • Copy the file into C:\windows\resources\themes
  • Right click at desktop, click ‘Personalize’
  • Go to Colors and appearance
  • Click the bottom link which says ‘Open classic appearance properties for more color options’
  • Appearance settings window will be opened
  • Choose the theme, click apply

WIndows Vista SP1 will need Patched UxTheme Files to use this transformation pack

Download iVista MAC OS X Transformation Pack

Download iVista MAC OS X Transformation Pack

More Windows Vista to MAC Transformation Packs

Download Windows Vista to MAC Transformation Pack

Vista to MAC Transformation – Link 1

Manually Customize Windows Vista to MAC OS X

You can also customize different aspects of Windows Vista to change its appearance like OS X without using any transformation pack by using following tools.

Change Vista Visual Styles to MAC

Zeus OS X Style
Leopard Style

Change Vista Icons Sets into MAC OS X Icons

Icons Set 1
Icons Set 2
Icons Set 3
Icons Set 4
Icons iPhile

Change System Windows

Leopard Aboutbox



MAC Dock Menu for Vista

RK Launcher (Leopard Style)
Object Dock

MAC Applications Skins for Vista

VFox for Firefox
Streamline for Firefox
Windows Live Messenger skin
ICQ skin
Miranda skin
PowerDVD skin

Other Applications

MacSwitch (Alt+Tab in Mac Style)
Switcher (expose for Vista)
Dexpot (virtual desktop)
Quick Time
Flurry screensaver
MAC Cursor for vista
Address Book (Panther’s Address Book – look & feel)


iPhone for Vista Sidebar
iPod for Vista Sidebar
Yahoo! Widgets

MAC Wallpapers


40 MAC wallpapers (Choose your MAC wallpaper for Windows Vista desktop)

1- In case of themes installation and specific types of files (.dll, .theme, .msstyle etc) which are not installers, you need to find a place C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes to copy those files there.
2- In case you are using SP1, SP2, SP3 with XP or SP1 or later with Vista, You first need to allow third party themes support before transforming OS. You will need some kind of UXTheme patcher.
3- Transformations are for advanced users, who can bear experimentation with OS.

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  1. Hiroshi says:

    @bhargav: Please follow the instruction in the post. Let us know if you can’t figure out something in that.

  2. bhargav says:

    i need to install mac theme for vista premium 32 bit can you provide the way for me

  3. luiss says:

    I can’t Uninstall Vista OS X!

    coud someone tell me how?

    I’m so afraid :S

  4. Hiroshi says:

    @john: Yes, you just need to allow third party themes. Read this:

  5. john says:

    is this works in sp2? thank you!!!

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