Touchpad not Working on Laptop – Solution

by on February 15th, 2011

Recently my laptop touchpad stopped working. Windows had to just restart unexpectedly and after the restart I saw an icon with touchpad and cross over it and i noticed that laptop touchpad was not working at all. I use a USB mouse with laptop which I unplugged to see the changes but got same problem. I restarted again, installed the touchpad driver again, restarted again but no luck. Orange light at touchpad was on and it was not working at all even when touchpad driver was installed. Then I tried the simple solution and it worked for me. Here is how to Fix Touchpad Not Working in Laptop.

If your laptop touchpad and clickers not working, laptop touchpad scrolling not working or there is a laptop touchpad not working error or touchpad is unresponsive then try these few simple steps.

Use external USB mouse or keyboard for the time being.
Go to Control Panel.
Click at mouse icon.
Go to Device Settings.
If that’s disabled, click ‘Enable’ button.
Touchpad will be working again.

You can also Use function key ‘Fn’ with combination of keys like ‘F1……F12’ to turn functions of Laptop on/off. It depends on which brand you have got. e.g. For Toshiba laptops ‘Fn+F10’ will enable/disable touchpad.

Touchpad can be disabled due to unexpected system restart or other reasons and by enabling it from control panel the problem should be resolved. So next time when you get this problem, make sure touchpad is enabled.