Pick Random Line/Number

Pick the Winner of Your Contest randomly! Pick random number, pick random text, pick random line, pick random ticket, pick random password, pick randomly, pick one, two or three random winners, pick random selection. Think about the lines of text or lines of names and you want to pick one, two or three lines randomly. In this case this tool is very cool. Random line picker extracts the random line/lines for you from given number of lines or list. It will pick that line and remove that from the list. Paste the list in the box below and use buttons below to extract your random selection.

 Random line pick/s will display here. Pick 1 will be shaded blue. Pick 2 (if used) will be shaded yellow. Pick 3 (if used) will be shaded green. 

Your text list has lines.    Archive Picks
Prefix 1st pick with:
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