Add Suffix and Prefix to Lines

Add prefix suffix to text in number of lines. Enter your input text for prefix and/or suffix addition to each line. Sometimes I have list of sentences and I want to convert these into unordered lists e.g. adding <ul>, </ul>, <li>, </li>. Adding <UL> and </UL> is easy. These are two lines. What if the sentences in between these are hundreds in count? You can not add <li> in the start and </li> in the end of each sentence by yourself. Here this tool helps. Just type <li> in the prefix box and </li> in the suffix box and hit the button which says 'Add suffix and/or suffix' and you are done. Your list is ready to paste in html document or in your blog.

Add this prefix to each line of text.

Add this suffix to each line of text.

Output text with the added prefix and/or suffix to each line will display here.

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