4 Tools to Kill the Windows Processes Effectively

by on August 26th, 2009

A program or software can stop responding due to several reasons including hardware conflicts, lack of resources or bugs in the software or more reasons. Generally the approach taken to kill/close the processes that are not responding is to go to task manager and “End Task” the frozen app. But if this happens frequently, then there are some tools to do this job in a better way.


Kill is a little app written with AutoHotkeys which does the work as its name suggests. It can kill any process or application with only one click. If the application stops responding, just double click the Kill app and then click on the window that you want to terminate.

Download Kill (119 KB)

Process Assassin

Process Assassin is a software utility that can terminate the not responding applications. If any application is not responding, just select it from the Process Assassin menu and terminate it. Process Assassin also includes a predefined set of famous applications that can be terminated easily.

Download Process Assassin (313 KB)


There’s a Windows command called Taskkill which is used to terminate processes. Simply create a shortcut with the following command:

taskkill.exe /f /fi “status eq not responding”

You can also download this shortcut from the following location and use it from wherever you want.

Download TaskKill (36.9 KB)


xKill is a similar app to Kill but it’s more advanced in the sense that it can run in the system tray and has a shortcut to activate kill mode. So if an application is not responding, just press Ctrl – Alt – BackSpace. This will activate the kill mode and clicking on any window will terminate that process. To deactivate the kill mode without killing any app, just press Esc.

Download XKill (18.3 KB)