The Jobs Movie Official Trailer

by on June 24th, 2013

‘The Jobs’ is movie based on true story of the man (Steve Jobs) who changed the world. Movie is coming to theaters in August 16 2013. Ashton Kutcher is playing the role of iconic Steve Jobs. They have released first look and teaser of the movie before and here is the final trailer or the movie. For those who love Steve Jobs this movie is going to be very much important. The teaser published earlier had these inspiring lines in it:

“Here is to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the trouble makers, the ones who see things differently, they are not fond of rules,… you can quote them, disagree them, glorify then or …. but the only thing you can not do is to ignore them, because they change things, they push the human race forward, and while someone sees them as crazy ones, we see genius, because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

Watch Jobs movie trailer.

Jobs Official Trailer

I will have to disagree with few things in the movie as obvious from the trailer. First of all, Apple is not just cool. It was not about making Apple cool again. And it seems that Ashton Kutcher has failed to act like Steve Jobs. He does not have that vibe and personality like Steve Jobs. I would say that Steve Jobs in ‘Pirates of Silicon Valley‘ movie is more Steve Jobs like than Ashton Kutcher. In my opinion, lots of Steve Jobs fans will be disappointed after watching this movie.

First Look! The Jobs Movie

JOBS- Official Teaser Trailer

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