Text to Speech Converter Giveaway Winners

by on October 5th, 2010

I think next time we should use words like winners will be announced after this date and not at this date, because somehow we are late to announce the winners again this time!!! Anyways…Text to Real Speech Converter Giveaway was offered on 15-09-2010 for two lucky winners. 35+ guests participated in this giveaway and here are our two lucky winners.

But before we would like to introduce you to the guest who almost won…

Who Almost Won

Joseph with email address josephsimon****@yahoo.com gave comments:

well no matter what i write in here i wont have the chance to win ….

And surprisingly his name was at the second place for the winners but on checking it was clear that Joseph was not a subscriber of TechMynd so we had to move on (@[email protected]) for the second winner.

Text to Speech Converter Lucky Winners

I could really enjoy using text to speech!!! Yippee

gt****[email protected]
I’m wanting to participate.
Please count me in.
Mr. G.T.

Congrats Tekipaq and GT. You both are going to receive NaturalReader from NaturalSoft Personal license worth $49 for free.
UPDATE: Emails sent.
Thanks all!

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  1. phase says:

    congratulations to the winners and thanks to techmynd for the chance at this