by on February 23rd, 2009

I get a lot of emails asking same questions which I try to answer in this section.

What is the Purpose of this Blog?

I am not selling anything. I do not intend to give people pirated, cracked software, games, songs or movies. Sometimes users send me some stuff, I post it for them but try to not do anything which may violate any copyright laws. In any case if anybody finds anything illegal here, I will highly encourage and appreciate him to contact me for removal of that material immediately. If you are in a country where piracy laws are clear, I will suggest you to do not download anything other than freeware stuff from TechMynd and inform me about any copyright issue, which you observe here, so that I may fix that issue. I need 24 hours time to act on any request/ notice. I like to share. I come across a lot of online tools and freeware stuff. Purpose of this blog is to recommend its users freeware stuff, online free tools, tips and tricks. I like fun and computer stuff. Purpose of this blog is NOT sharing cracked games, songs, movies or cracked software. Only fun stuff, free tools, freeware useful software for your PC and MAC.

You Upload Freeware Software at TechMynd from Other Resources! Why?

While its sufficient to link to the original software, but I do it because sometimes target link is changed and your visitors land on wrong pages and they complain that I do not recommend right link. Since its a freeware, its also at author’s website, and also available here at TechMynd in some cases, to ensure maximum availability. I also link to author’s homepage and also ask his permission if there is a clear way to contact. Through software you can always trace its original homepage as well. I do not upload every software. In case of claim, I remove the source from TechMynd. I am not a software developer so not everything here is my own creation. Copyrights of softwares are always reserved with their respective owners.

Why do you use WordPress as a blogging platform?

I use WordPress to run TechMynd. To learn about WordPress, plugins and tips check out blogging section of TechMynd and helpful Getting Started with WordPress Page of WordPress. WordPress is really powerful platform for blogging due to its huge theme and plugin support. The Community belonging to WordPress is very wide. WordPress has got pinging services and almost there is a plugin for your every need related to the WordPress. You can get a free blog from or take this software with you and run it at your own host. I like blogger platfrom and run couple of blogs there with friends too. Tumblr is another cool blogging platform I like. I prefer WordPress as it is highly customizable with full control in your hands.

Who Designed your Blog?

Myself. I am a designer/ developer also. I love to do PHP stuff and tweak things myself. Current theme is designed by me. Even then now I do not need to do development stuff myself but it gives me pleasure to build themes and customize my WordPress blog. It is just an addiction sometimes. I also help my friends/visitors and create themes for them as well as suggest code customizations.

Can TechMynd link to my blog/ Website?

Due to the large number of requests it is sometimes difficult. You can shoot me an email though if you think any post is relevant to the content here and I will try to refer to it in future posts.

How can I remain updated with TechMynd?

A number of TechMynd readers make it their home page. There are subscription ways that TechMynd offers and you can follow every post of the site via our RSS Feed. You can also subscribe to receive posts in your email. It is completely safe.

Can I post links while writing comments?

I will surely allow the links if these are relevant to the post. No more then 2 links are allowed in any case for a single comment. This measure is very important to discourage spamming. I use ‘no follow’ tags in comments anyway so you will not get benefit in an SEO sense by doing it either legitimately or spammingly.

Do you use ‘no follow’ tags?

I don’t like to use ‘no follow’ tags. But after three years of dealing with comment spam and becoming increasingly frustrated by it I decided to use them. Unfortunately the actions of a small group of manipulative people have caused this inconvenience for the majority. Sorry.

Can I republish posts from TechMynd on my own blog?

You may not republish posts from TechMynd without my direct permission. Feel free to quote anything from this blog (e.g. a paragraph or two) with a link to it as a source, but keep in mind that this is copyrighted material.

How much time do you spend blogging?

Working from home is highly addictive. I use myself many online resources and spend time to use these in my projects while I recommend the same as I find something useful to my readers. Sometimes I spend 8 hours blogging, sometimes more.

How much traffic do you get to your blogs?

The total numbers of visitors to my blogs vary incredibly from day to day.

How did you start Blogging?

I was a designer and web interface developer in the beginning. Then I moved towards wider range of web application development including web development. One of my friend suggested me to organize my resources via blog. I did not know about blog that time. I had heard about blogging though. Once I got to see WordPress, I was in this community almost immediately. Today I am in one of The WordPress Rock Stars.

What do you do other than Blogging?

I am web designer, front-end interface and PHP developer, animator, SEO consultant, web technologies professional. I collect lots of softwares. I am a geek. I like to try new things. I like jQuery, web 2.0. gadgets and much more. I am addicted to morning walk, tea, coffee and gym in the evening.

How do you see TechMynd in future?

I recommend original resources here and I love it. I think TechMynd’s community will grow with time as my readership has been increasing quite a lot.

How do you see yourself in future?

As for career, I am a blogger and web specialist. Other then that, I love to help people. I want to create a society; A home for poor people and want to help them grow and stand up. I want to fight against ‘Cancer’.

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