TechMynd Got Banned from Using Google AdSense

by on February 20th, 2011

Alright, now I have recovered from the shock so I am back at TechMynd to let my guests know that TechMynd just landed into adsense blacklist. I was not after instant adsense cash, easy adsense cash or too much google adsense optimization but people who got banned know how it feels like and how they respond to you. TechMynd had been serving Google Adsense ads for more than 3 years and there were only two units of adsense on TechMynd from ages but now because they have thrown it out from their system so we are trying to move towards other options. Its shock for anybody who gets banned and people take time to recover. You can see changes at TechMynd which we have been trying to implement for last 3 or 4 days. It has been good with Adsense and now for me its adventure again to see what comes next.

While I am not in the position to disclose the actual matter but people who have suffered from this can already guess. I am open to suggestions. I am open to advertisement options. We will try few networks at TechMynd. We also made few changes in the site and we need your help to determine whether we are doing it right or not. You can comment, email us using contact page if you like / do not like the changes, want more features in TechMynd or suggest whatever you like for TechMynd.

Google Analytics prove that we have serve our guests as much as we could. So TechMynd is not going anywhere we hope. There will be modifications and change of strategy. Users will see different Advertisements at TechMynd. With time, we will select few and let go of other networks.

Again suggestions for TechMynd’s future, design, content and advertisement network are welcome.