The two met more than nine years ago while both were studying at Harvard. Mark Zuckerberg married his girlfriend of nine years on Saturday, May 19, one day after the Facebook’s stock went public.

Some people describe Mark’s wedding as a honeymoon to Facebook’s IPO.

Seems like Mark Zuckerberg’s wedding was the honeymoon to Facebook’s IPO

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Priscilla Chan beast 26 500x333

Priscilla Chan came into the spotlight on Saturday 19 May, when it was revealed she had married her longtime boyfriend Mark Zuckerberg (A billionaire, Facebook CEO). On Sunday 20 May 2012, people were asking: “who is the lucky woman married to the 28-years-old billionaire?” We have collected important information about Priscilla Chan which are very interesting. Priscilla Chan was born in Braintree, Massachusetts. She is a Chinese American. Chan speaks English, Spanish and Cantonese. Chan graduated from Harvard in 2007 with a degree in biology. She met Mark at Harvard. Chan worked as a fourth-grade and fifth-grade science teacher for about a year, at The Harker School in San Jose, California (from 2007 to 2008) and then she left to pursue a graduate degree at University of California, San Francisco to become a doctor. she described her job at Harker as “hanging out with the little ones and trying to explain how the world works”. She left the school in June 2008 and entered medical school. “Learning to be a doctor,” she noted on her facebook page. Chan graduated last week. Mark Zuckerberg calls her Cilla. Chan likes the food network, warm places and sun dried tomatoes. Chan admits to check her phone every five seconds.

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The official Flickr page for The White House uploaded photos from tech dinner which shows CEOs from major technology companies in the Silicon Valley having a toast with US President Barack Obama.

The executives present at the dinner were following:

  • Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter
  • John Hennessy, President of Stanford University
  • Art Levinson, Chairman and former CEO of Genentech
  • Carol Bartz, President and CEO of Yahoo!
  • John Chambers, CEO and Chairman of Cisco Systems
  • Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple
  • Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Google
  • Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle
  • Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix
  • Steve Westly, Managing Partner and Founder of The Westly Group
  • Mark Zuckerberg, President and CEO of Facebook

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