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Metal slug super vehicle is a scrolling ‘run-and-gun’ platform game for one or two players. Its a humorous parody of war and specifically of World War II and the Nazis. The game features six enemy-packed levels, referred to as ‘missions’. Players start the game armed only with a pistol, but extra weapons can be picked up and used for greater firepower. Also, at certain points during a level players will find an unused ‘Super Vehicle-001’ – or Metal Slug – tank which can be entered and driven. Play free game metal slug super vehicle. Download MetalSlug Super Vehicle, FBA version (better quality).

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metal slug x download free from techmynd

Metal Slug X was released in March 1999. You can see up to 5 different sets of 12 characters, enemies and vehicles artwork images during the credits. Metal Slug X also implemented several changes to beef up the gameplay, such as new enemies, a different end boss layout and a number of new weapons and secrets. The result is a better game and one of the finest chapters in this series. Download and play Metal Slug X PC game free.

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metal slug 3, metal slug 6 download free from techmynd

This package contains metal slug 3 and metal slug 6 games for PC. The heroes from metal slug 1 and 2 return to do battle with the ever-present General Morden and his vast army. The third game of the series places a greater emphasis on defeating hulking boss characters than the 2 previous outings. Metal Slug 3 also introduced multiple routes through most levels, vastly increasing the replay value of the game. On the first level the player reaches a point where they can either continue over land, or enter a small submarine and head down into the ocean depths, where they will be faced with a variety of huge, deadly sea-dwelling creatures. Download and play Metal Slug 3 and 6 PC games free.

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Metal Slug is a series of run and gun video games first released on Neo-Geo arcade machines and game consoles created by SNK. It was also ported to other consoles, such as the Sega Saturn, the PlayStation, the Neo-Geo Pocket Color and more recently, the Game Boy Advance, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS. There is also an anthology of the first 7 games in the main series (including Metal Slug X) available for the Wii, PlayStation Portable, and PlayStation 2.

The gameplay of the series is characteristic of run and guns: The enemies come in hordes, the weapons have high fire rates. All of these characteristics come from the Contra series, which the gameplay is based on. Metal Slug however takes the concepts introduced in Contra and expands upon them. First and foremost is the ability to perform melee attacks. In most run and guns, contact with an enemy leads to immediate death. In this series, however, contact only results in either party’s death if an attack is performed. This leads to the ability for the player to run in and use melee attacks to take down a number of troops.


Marco Rossi and Tarma Roving were the first playable characters, but each was reserved solely to the first and second player, respectively. In the second installment, Eri Kasamoto and Fiolina “Fio” Germi were added to the cast. These four are considered by fans to be the quintessential Metal Slug team. In the fourth game, Nadia Cassel and Trevor Spacey made their debut, replacing Eri and Tarma, respectively, but have not returned for later games. Eri and Tarma returned in the fifth game. The Game Boy Advance edition of the game features two new characters specific to that title: PF squad trainees Walter Ryan and Tyra Elson. King of Fighters/Ikari Warriors characters Ralf Jones and Clark Still appear in Metal Slug 6, released for the Atomiswave hardware in February 2006. They are also playable characters in the latest installment, Metal Slug 7. List of characters of Meta Slug is as under:

Marco Dennis Rossi
Tarma Roving
Fiolina Germi
Eri Kasamoto
Trevor Spacey
Nadia Cassel
Allen O’Neil (sub-boss)
Mars People (aliens from space)
General Donald Morden

Game Pack Includes:

Metal Slug 1 – mslug 1
Metal Slug 2 – mslug 2
Metal Slug 3 – mslug 3
Metal Slug 4 – mslug 4
Metal Slug 5 – mslug 5
Metal Slug X – mslug X

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