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All plugins which I am mentioning here are Compatible up to WordPress 2.3 or higher. Add functionality, boost and energy to your blog. I am using many of these and I recommend these to you also. Read the instructions always, before you upload plugins to your blog plugins directory. Some are easy to install like just plug and play; just upload, activate and ready to use. Some of these require putting some code along with regular activation of plugin. That code addition will be in your current template for blog which you are using. e.g. If you upload and activate advanced page navigation plugin it will not show up untill you put some code also in your blog’s current template pages. Just read instructions along with plugin and you will go through. Its easy. One more thing. Some plugins are available in form of files (php e.g. php files in zip archives) and some are inshape of folder (containing php files). Now in instructions, you can see that in plugin directory, will it be uploaded as a folder or you have to copy the files from that folder and put it in the plugin directory. I mean instructions are important with any plugin.

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