Windows 7 Appearance Tweaks


This software is a genius itself. Did you enjoy tweaking Windows XP in old times – the way XP felt like a toy in your hands? What about Windows 7? Now if you upgraded to Windows 7, you might wonder for long time about where all those option you will find to tweak and customize Windows 7 100% for maximum performance as you used to have in Windows XP? This software is the single big ultimate answer to this. Have it and it will show you every hidden corner of Windows 7 which you can customize and get back your control over your new OS. From tweaking to optimization, error handling to right suggestion for solution to anything in Windows 7 – its all here. It will not only just observe and suggest you solution to fix problems, but actually fix those all issues your Windows 7 might have against high performance and better optimization. You will never need any other software to control for Windows 7 after this one. Lets see what you want to do with Win7? Want to Clean all temp files in Windows 7? Want to delete all cache for all internet browsers you might have in Windows 7? Want to delete all thumbnail cache in Windows 7? Want to delete all unnecessary files in Windows 7? Want to manage all services using detailed and easy startup manager in Windows 7 (with suggestion for necessary, unnecessary and optional services to turn them on / off )? Want to change Windows 7 appearance and icons (desktop, start menu, explorer, file types, control panel elements)? Want to modify settings of Windows 7? Want to change effects, animation styles, appearances, font smoothing in Windows 7? Want to deny network access to the registry in Windows 7? Want to scan drives thoroughly in Windows 7? Want to find all the problems, risks and warnings for your Windows 7 to fix? Want to automatically maintain Windows 7, its performance and fix all problems if there any? Its all in this useful software. Every Windows 7 user must try it at least once to see how easy it is to make Windows 7 work the way he wants it. In fact Windows 7 is more easy than Windows XP or even Windows 98.

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