Web Security


Unfortunately, technological advancement has brought with it increased security issues. An alarming amount of identity theft is being conducted globally, resulting in sensitive data being stolen and even financial accounts being accessed. The ingenuity of cyber criminals and hackers seems to keep pace with the evolving security measures implemented by organizations and built into computers, laptops and phones. Here are a few ways to safeguard your privacy.

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Mobile data security, mobile phone security, mobile device security and mobile internet security has become an issue as smart phones technology improves and smart phones turn into full PC. That is why mobile phone security software are being developed now a days at growing rate. We have got a mobile antivirus freeware for you to download and use free which does more than just scan your mobile phone.

Scan your mobile phone for viruses, malware and security threat and remove it manually or automatically. Check mobile apps before downloading to your mobile phone. Locate lost or stolen mobile phone remotely. Even lock mobile phone and wipe all content remotely. Display messages at mobile phone remotely. Its all in one mobile phone and mobile data protection solution for Android devices by AVG.

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