Hopedot Virtual Operating System enables you to create a virtual environment similar to Windows OS. In this virtual environment, you can install and run applications as you do on Windows OS, you can browse and bookmark your favorite sites etc. You can do nearly everything on it as you do on your Windows OS. Hopedot VOS can be installed on any storage devices (e.g. USB) and use it on any PC. Most important, no traces of your operations on Hopedot VOS will be left so that your local system will never be affected whatever you do on Hopedot VOS. You can use it to test applications or you can work securely on Hopedot VOS without having to worry about your data or Windows security.

Hopedot VOS Security Edition costs $69. We have 10 licenses of Hopedot VOS (Security Edition) to giveaway. Tel lucky winners will be announced after 30th September 2012. Comment this post to enter in the giveaway contest.

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