by on February 11th, 2011

Conference calling is talk to more people on one call. If you have got skype and the other people have got skype at their PC then its easy for you to start a conference call for absolutely free or you can add people on phones with Skype Credit or at no extra cost with a subscription. But how about calling many people regardless of whether they have got PCs of not. Business conference call can be made easy using these valuable free services. Conference call America and other countries easily. Create an account, get a number and have a conference call for your business easily.

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voip phone handset

This is a VoIP phone handset for internet calls. The handset operates using Bluetooth technology or cable to connect to a mobile device or computer.

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voip voice call noise reduction - call recording

Have you ever noticed background sounds or noises during VOIP calls using Skype or GTalk? Screaming kids? Barking dogs? Keyboard-strokes? You do not need these background noises during VC. Not only you can remove noise but you can make voice clear and sound better and record voice call.

SoliCall is an innovative software that helps VoIP users to reduce unwanted noises during calls, in real time. With SoliCall it will sound less disturbing than it really is.

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unlimited calls worldwide voip

For businessmen this is the best deal they can make use of. Why use phone and mobiles to call world wide when there is the best deal available. In $14 USD you can make unlimited worldwide calls for a month in almost all popular countries. Mobile and landline support for different countries is as under.

Landline and Mobile Calls Support

United States, Canada, China, Hong Kong S.A.R., China, Singapore, Guam, Puerto Rico.

Landline Calls Support

Argentina, Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Norway, Slovakia, Switzerland, Australia, Croatia, Estonia, Germany, Israel, Korea, South, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, Austria, Chile, Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Portugal, Sweden, United Kingdom.

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Video Conferencing, remote desktop, VOIP

Team Viewer‘s new version is out which supports video conferencing, VOIP, remote desktop and lot more…

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VOIP is a technology that lets you make phone calls, even long-distance phone calls, for free! You’d like to try it, but it sounds rather complicated. What is this VoIP, anyway? Here’s a quick question-and-answer guide to VoIP and how you can make free online calls without reading tons of articles. VoIP means Voice over Internet Protocol. In plain English, it means that in exactly the same way you use the Internet to send letters through email, you can now send your voice through VoIP, to make free phone calls to anywhere in the world.

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voixio, ip phone, voip phone, voip provider, voip software

I have noticed a website which supports free video and voice calls worldwide. You do not need any software to download. Just login and dial anywhere in the world. They do it using VOIP. VOIP or voice over ip brings internet and phone together to make internet phone or ip phone. Free voip services and apps enable you to call friends and family worldwide absolutely free.

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voip, voip apps, voip phone, voip provider, business voip, voip software, voip service, voip calls, voip phone service, mobile voip

VOIP or voice over ip brings internet and phone together to make internet phone or ip phone. Free voip services and apps enable you to call friends and family worldwide absolutely free. Internet and mobile have evolved enabling you to make calls without paying much or even free in some cases. Make free and low rates international calls using these VOIP applications for your mobile and stay connected with family and friends.

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