Why settle for same old Windows background, logon screen, icons and theme when there is Tuneup utilities available. We have posted earlier promotional offer of Tuneup utilities that will give you registered Tuneup utilities full software to use. If you have got Tuneup utilities then its easy to customize and change appearance of windows. Tuneup Utilities has got awesome windows logon screens to download free and use. They have got visual styles and windows icon packs. You have to get the Tuneup utilities and download the following files to change appearance and style of windows.

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There are two ways to improve overall appearance of fonts in PC.

  • By enabling Windows smooth edges of screen fonts
  • By enabling Window’s ClearType.

By default, Microsoft Windows has smooth fonts enabled. If you switch to classical theme and customize the PC for better performance then settings for fonts may also change. Microsoft Windows XP was the first operating system released that supported ClearType. To enable ClearType in Windows XP follow the below steps.


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