Video Comparison

ipad vs windows 8 tablet

iPad or Windows 8 tablet? What would be your choice? How about a comparison video to help you decide which tablet to buy. If we compare iPad 32GB (4th generation) with Microsoft Surface 32GB (Windows RT) or even compare iPad with HP Envy, Dell XPS 10 or ASUS ViviTab Smart running on Windows 8, we might be surprised that Windows 8 tablets also have got few cool features that Apple users can not enjoy on iPad. And for those essential regular Windows features, Windows users won’t even consider buying an iPad.

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Following videos present comparison videos with the LG Optimus 2X and the Apple iPhone 4 in order to see which one is the better performing smart phone. LG Optimus has dual-core power of the 2X, while the iPhone 4 is optimized with iOS4 to deliver an outstanding performance. Watch the videos below.

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