by on April 29th, 2011

tuneup utilities free

Get registered Tuneup Utilities 2010 absolutely free. With Tuneup Utilities you can enjoy your PC fast, stable and customized. Optimize PC, recover free disk space, fix PC problems, clean registry, customize windows and much more all in one software available for free.

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How many times we have to search utilities in Windows 7? Again and again…every day…everytime? Even we forget next time that where were those? We have created few files (shortcuts) for you that will do very useful tasks for you in Windows 7 on single click. We have arranged these files in three folder types named ‘basic’, ‘advanced’ and ‘very useful’. Do not use ‘advanced’ folder if you are not a computer geek. Use ‘basic’ folder as you want. ‘Very useful’ folder will help you a lot and will save your time using Windows 7. We will explain how to create your own useful shortcuts for Windows 7 tasks and then share few useful commands. At the end of post you can download ‘Windows 7 shortcuts Mega Pack’.

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htc copy move files from device and sd card

HTC offers limited space on device, but you have an option of SD card so you can save all pictures and videos directly on the SD card. You can also store all programs files and install program on the SD card instead of htc storage. Sh** always happens. Recently I was taking some pictures and without knowing I stored them in the device instead of SD card. Now the HTC started giving me messages about low memory. I did not wanted to delete the from from HTC but I wanted to save them instead. If you open the image stored in HTC and click it, it will offer you few options.

  • set as contact icon
  • save screen image
  • delete
  • set as footprints
  • mail
  • message
  • facebook

And that’s it. You can not move the image or video from the HTC storage to SD Card. File explorer is there but you can not cut/paste files. Atleast I was unsuccessful in that. When you connect the HTC with PC, it will only open up SD Card storage and not the HTC my device storage. So,…What is an easy way to move stuff from HTC storage to SD card?

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Some people (Specially Facebook users) think that With all the Facebook, Myspace and Twitter hype, Orkut has remained behind in the race. But as new improvements were introduced in Orkut (video, apps) many many new tools and desktop clients as well as browser extensions for Orkut have been introduced in which some gained popularity a lot. Using some of these 25+ recommendations including orkut tools, orkut utilities, orkut software, you can make surfing, scrapping and posting experience at Orkut more easy, fun and fast.

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