Twitter Tools

Create a fake tweet using any twitter username. Here is a a fun way to make it appear as if a Twitter user has tweeted something. You can pick any user you want, enter any text, and create an individual, look-alike tweet. TweetForger’s intent is to cause people to realize and think about just how subconsciously willing they are to suspend belief. If I get a tweet from a celebrity addressed to me, referring to something that only my friends know, do I immediately realize that it’s a joke, or do I even for a minute actually think that this celebrity is actually tweeting me? If I do, does that say something about me or does it say something about the world in which we all live? We are using Twitter “tweets” as an example of the kind of Internet communication that people tend to accept as fact, but the cultural phenomenon on which we are commenting could just as easily happen with Wikipedia, Facebook, or any other site on which people rely for information.

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