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Need to translate something to your language? Not sure what a complex abbreviation means? Want to know how a platypus looks like? Just hold your Control key and click the word to look up! Here is a free personal translation tool. Translate any word easily right from the comfort of your PC desktop with a shortcut key.

  • Definitions from Wikipedia.
  • Wiktionary Translations.
  • Ctrl+Click Word Recognition.
  • Completely FREE.
  • Translation with Pictures, Videos and Sounds.
  • 700 Languages Support.

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There is a possibility that your friends are from different countries and you often want to have chat with them using MSN Live messenger. Here is a good news. You can talk to your buddies in their own languages using the same Live messenger. Its like you will type messages in your language and it will be translated for your buddies in their native languages. It is done using a MSN Live Bot called as TBot. TBot is a translation robot providing machine translations to Windows Live Messenger buddies, and its a part of the Microsoft Translator services offering. Tbot uses Bing Translator.

Add [email protected] to your live messenger contacts list and invite TBot to your conversations or directly talk to TBot.

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Alright, Google docs users may already know this secret or not but you can translate your documents in 40+ languages with a single click.


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