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Hardware and software are different things. To put hardware in use, we need software. And for some softwares we need some other softwares. These ‘some other softwares’ put ‘some softwares’ in perfect harmony with the hardware and everything works fine. Operating system is a software which needs device drivers to make all other hardware work for you. VGA drivers, sound card drivers, printer drivers and more are needed for the system to work fine. Device driver installation has always been a headache for most of the people because they sometimes comes with the system and sometimes not. And they get lost easily (usually, because you don’t use them – You only need them when you re-install Windows again). Once we want to clean install Windows, we have to make sure that we have got all the system drivers to install to be able to run everything smoothly at PC. Here are the best ways to find unknown device drivers in Windows very easily.

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You can change vista logon screen background by two ways. Using stardock’s LogonStudio and using ResHack(Resource Hacker). Lets see how:

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There are two ways to improve overall appearance of fonts in PC.

  • By enabling Windows smooth edges of screen fonts
  • By enabling Window’s ClearType.

By default, Microsoft Windows has smooth fonts enabled. If you switch to classical theme and customize the PC for better performance then settings for fonts may also change. Microsoft Windows XP was the first operating system released that supported ClearType. To enable ClearType in Windows XP follow the below steps.


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You can delete files faster by disabling confirmation message “Are you sure you want to send ‘finename’ to recyclebin?” by unchecking confirmation check box from recyclebin properties. To do so follow these steps:

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Hibernating a PC is beneficial when you want to quickly start working next time you switch your PC on. And pressing Turn off computer does not give you hibernate option. When shutting down or turning off the computer you will get following three options:

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Managing data in the PC is a tough task. Geeks can not do mostly. Their desktop and drives are all full of small/large files most of the time. We have to search most of the times to get to our files we need. Now we can save our important searches performed to find most used files for future use and its very easy.


Save your frequent Windows searches for future use by following the below steps.

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You can improve overall system performance and boot time of your computer by getting rid of programs you do not want running in the background by choosing to do a Selective Startup in msconfig utility. Because sometimes we install too many programs and even we uninstall those, some of their files, settings or entries can left behind which are definitely unwanted and cause PC to slow down in response.


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by on March 16th, 2009

There are many way windows explorer can be optimized for better performance. One way is to disable the feature to search for network printers and folders for it. By default each time Windows Explorer is opened, it will attempt to locate any network printer or folder on your computer network.


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