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This is a lifetime opportunity. Have you ever wanted to visit Apple headquarters and meet with CEO there? You can meet Apple CEO Tim Cook at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California and have a cup of coffee with him. Meeting experience can be from 30 minutes to one hour.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook has revealed his ‘intense interest’ in television technology at the All Things Digital conference recently. Tim Cook was asked; “Are you making an entire Television?” – to which Tim Cook responded: “You were right, I am not going to tell you…”

Tim Cook won’t say anything clear about his Apple TV plans but he is willing to admit that Apple TV product is not a big hit like iPad or iPhone and this is where they are willing to go further to see what they can do about it because Apple is not a hobby company. They create solid products that do unique business otherwise they just leave and put their energies in any other area which they think they can change, control and contribute to.

Anyways folks; new Apple TV is coming (in 2013) that is expected to be a magical and revolutionary device… Watch Tim Cook revealing in the video below.

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Steve Jobs resigned from Apple and now the new CEO of Apple Tim Cook is expected to lead the company and its employees to greater heights. This is a great challenge for Tim Cook. Cook has been with Apple for more than 13 years sent his first message to assure the employees that “Apple is not going to change”, Apple is going to continue to make the best products in the world and Steve Jobs will continue to be involved as chairman of board and director of the company. Here is what Tim Cook said to Apple employees in his email.

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by on August 26th, 2011

In his resignation letter, Steve Jobs after resigning from duties as CEO of Apple, he offered his services to Apple as chairman of the board and director. He also mentioned “Tim Cook” name as the new CEO of Apple. Steve Jobs wrote that he believes that the brightest and most innovative days of Apple are ahead of it. And he look forward to contribute to success of the company in a new role. Following is the resignation letter of Steve Jobs that he sent to the Apple board.

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This is the animated version of Steve Jobs life story just for fun created by Next Media Animation. The video takes a look back and the life and career of Apple co-founder and chief executive Steve Jobs, who resigned that position late on Wednesday. The tale begins with Steve Jobs dabbling in LSD and spiritual enlightenment, which Jobs describes as the “one of the two or three most important things (he had) done in (his) life”.

Jobs would then found Apple with Steve Wozniak. In 1984, Jobs unveiled the Macintosh and forever revolutionized personal computing. John Sculley, the executive Jobs hired away from Pepsi, bounced Jobs from the company he founded. Jobs would start another company, Pixar. He produced ‘Toy Story’ and sold the animation company to Disney.

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by on August 25th, 2011


After Steve Jobs resigned, Apple has named Tim Cook as its new CEO.

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