by on September 11th, 2013


For some, dealing with stocks is easy as compared to currency pairs. You just study a company’s growth reports and statistics and buy stocks for future profits. It can prove less risky than trading in currency pairs as progress made by companies can be predictable, at least more than currency pairs. But this can be a long term investment. So, what affects Apple stocks more? There are several factors, but iPhone is one of those major factors that affects Apple stocks.

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Google Now can be your best personal digital assistant. Google Now cards help you stay informed and manage your personal and business life in a better way. Well informed and connected person can best utilize his available time and potential. Where ever you go, Google now keeps you informed about the weather, traffic, nearby places of interest, sports, movies, concerts, stocks, transportation and much more. Google Now does not need GPS, so you will get the right info on your smart device all day long, with minimal battery use. Depending on your use of Google Now, it will display information that you need quickly. Go to Google Now settings and select or add what you like. For example: You can go to sports > Teams and add your favorite teams to get information about your favorite sports teams. Get answers without typing. Tap microphone and ask anything to get relevant answer. Give it system level commands that it can pass to Siri to perform specific action (e.g. email, call). Take a photo (of landmarks, products, artwork etc.) by using your mobile camera and search relevant information about it.

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