Speech To Text

You can activate Google Voice Search from anywhere in the iOS by using NowNow (your iDevice should have Google Search app installed) and that is not any new Cydia tweak. NowNow allows you to activate Google’s virtual assistant from anywhere in the iOS. And now here is something more. A cydia tweak can combine Google Now voice search and Siri together for better results. If you hate Siri voice recognition system, use this guide to enhance it.

Not everybody like Siri. Users complain that “Siri rarely, does what it is told to do”. The problem is Siri’s voice recognition approach. If you think that Google Now Voice understands your voice better then you can use Google Voice search (in Google Now) to recognize voice commands and then send them to Siri for execution. Google Now voice search seems to be fast, accurate and more responsive. Google’s voice recognition system is way better than Siri’s.

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