Sony Xperia

What is the use of such a smartphone that is bright and colorful, offers thousands of free apps to play, keeps you updated on stuff that matters to you most BUT dies early? Almost every smartphone user keeps his phone brightness settings to low or optimized to get longer battery life. What is the use of all those colors and bright mobile screen if users are forced to keep brightness low and automatically adjusted so that they can use their phone little longer without charging? A wise decision would be to chose a smartphone that gives you best battery life than all the other smart phones available in the market. This is the area where smartphone manufacturers have not been much successful yet. If you want to get the best battery life for your mobile phone you will have to minimize tasks that run in the background of your smartphone, keep screen brightness low, disable many useful services (e.g. backup, location services or GPS, apps notifications etc.). If you want to know which smartphone gives best battery life, see these infographics.

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