I was saving few images from my HTC to my PC and the ‘explorer mode’ was of ‘thumbnails’ while I observed the duplicated thumbnails. I clicked and checked the images and found different images with same thumbnail. The actual images were all different but few images were showing thumbnails like of their neighbors. Clearly something was wrong. Here are two steps which solved my problem.

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vevo not available in your country

Want to enjoy high quality songs of any artist or singer you missed at YouTube? VEVO is (shall we say) alternative to YouTube and may be better if you are into listening songs online. VEVO has got all the singer and artist profiles and their video high quality songs. Ever watched a song at YouTube which shows VEVO logo at its page and the song happen to be really HD quality? If yes, then you might want to check out the VEVO. For some countries they will display a coming soon page with a message that the site is currently is not available for that country.

We are sorry. VEVO is currently not available in your country.

You can still watch high quality songs and use VEVO by the following method.

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Someone asked about the following problem:

I read your article at: Disguise Any Folder to Recycle Bin. I have sort of a reverse problem. While right clicking on a folder to change the icon from default manila folder type, to a tree icon, I accidentally clicked on the recycle bin icon next to the tree icon, and it changed my 20 gig folder to a recycle bin and is hiding the files, while at the same time, it acts as a bin for recycled files. My files are there, because when I do right click/properties now, it starts spooling hundreds of megabytes, but the files can’t be seen or accessed. I can’t change the icon back, because right clicking and selecting properties on the recycle bin it created, does not give an option to change the icon, like a normal folder does. Any way to fix this?

Well the solution is really simple. You have to do two things.

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This is a problem where you can not right click at in Windows, at desktop or in Windows explorer. If you are having trouble with the context menu (right click menu) or right clicking on the desktop does not do anything then most probably you have your group policy is set to not displaying the context menu (right click menu) in the windows explorer. You can modify and set it in two ways. One using the group policy editor and the other using the registry editor. Here is how it is.

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Bibek Bhurtel asked the following question:

When I open computer, one error message comes with only close message to click which is about explorer, and when i click on it it disappears and my computer doesn’t work. Nothing opens, just a desktop background, nothing works, plz give me help, I can’t format because I have important files in C drive in which I have windows installed.

Lets dig it. More precisely, lets put it this way:

When you start your Windows XP-based computer, you may receive the following error message:

Explorer has encountered an error and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Also, you may not be able to open folders, such as the My Documents folder or the My Computer folder.

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