Smart Device

by on December 20th, 2011

While we are already witnessing new smart devices emerging, mobile evolution, mobile payment systems, mobile wallet, stretchable touch screens, transparent touch screens, wearable smart devices and much more, we can say that its only heading towards brilliance and mixed reality based digital life, where you don’t have to use computer mouse or keyboard, touch screens will be everywhere. Smart touch screen devices will perform difficult tasks in seconds for you. Watch the following video to witness few really advanced touch screen gadgets of the future.

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by on September 7th, 2010

hp slate

This is not the iPad. This is not the Samsung Galaxy Tab. This is the HP Slate. A full featured device that is just as mobile as you are. Its a netbook and a tablet PC thing. The HP Slate device is coming later this year, and it’s running Windows. It’s multitouch, and can do some gaming.

iPad VS HP Slate

Slate plays Flash (75% of videos on the web are Flash), iPad does not.
Slate has´╗┐ a camera, iPad does not.
Slate takes SD cards, iPad does not.
Slate has USB, iPad does not.
Slate has HDMI out, iPad does not.
Slate has 1080 video resolution, iPad has 720.
Slate has 1GB of RAM, iPad has only 256MB.
Slate is compatible with all Windows software, iPad is not.
Slate is good at playing games, iPad is not good at games.

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