Smart Car

Google has been researching on driverless car project and they have successfully experimented with it but the project is still in development phase. Introducing auto-driving cars in real life will eliminate accidents ratio and enable us to set the destination course for office, home or anywhere and just relax while the self-driving car takes us to our destination. We have been watching self-driving cars in movies (even in really old movies like TimeCop). This will soon become a reality. Already for 2014 we can expect the automobiles with full digital dashboard powered by Apple OS or Android. With all that development in this area, Mercedes Benz has something to offer as well.

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by on December 18th, 2010

future car

According to Dr. Michio Kaku, next 10 years will bring us intelligent cars and roads. Future car fuels will be hydrogen, electricity, rechargeable batteries or solar energy. The future cars will help stop accidents and suggest alternative routs if road is blocked ahead. There will be almost no traffic jams, no road accidents. Scientists will install chips in the roads which will communicate with your car to tell if there is any problem ahead. Road will sense your car speed as well.

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