Windows Live Messenger has been discontinued from Microsoft and now Windows users can use Skype to use Skype and/or Windows Live Messenger. If you try to sign in by using your Windows Live Messenger, it will only display a prompt to update instead of bringing you online. Microsoft is enforcing this change for Windows users but there are still some who love Windows Live Messenger and will not shift too soon to Skype. If you would like to use old Windows Live Messenger then here is a way to disable update notification for Windows Live Messenger and use the same old Live Messenger instead of upgrading it to Skype.

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skype and windows live messenger

If you have tried to use Windows Live Messenger recently, you might have noticed that it will only display message to
update it after you try to sign in by using your Windows Live Messenger ID and Password. I tried it again and again to update it but I was not successful so I thought that there must be some problem with the update mechanism but it turned out that now Windows Live Messenger will be discontinued from Microsoft and Skype will take its place. You can now use Skype to talk to friends and family who were on Windows Live Messenger before. The shift is going to happen gradually but Skype can be used to sign in by using your Windows Live Messenger account details. Here is how to merge Windows Live Messenger and Skype.

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by on April 8th, 2011

Skype 5.1 updated for Mac OS X is out with enhancements and several minor bug fixes. Participants in group calls can easily identify active speakers you can select recent called numbers stored in the dial pad. In addition, issues fixes including the iSight Firewire webcam detection problem. With this version, you can also provide us with your call quality feedback after a call ends.

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record skype conversations

You can easily record, edit, save or upload Skype Video Calls. Record Skype-to-Skype calls with other VodBurner users completely free of charge. There are no time limits or other limitations. Record calls with non-VodBurner users free (with watermark). Edit videos, add transition, remove transition, skip segment, add captions free. Advanced video editing (add text, pictures, audio) is free for calls with other VodBurner users. To produce videos without the watermark, or to use Advanced video editing for calls to non-VodBurner users, you can purchase a VodBurner subscription.

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voip voice call noise reduction - call recording

Have you ever noticed background sounds or noises during VOIP calls using Skype or GTalk? Screaming kids? Barking dogs? Keyboard-strokes? You do not need these background noises during VC. Not only you can remove noise but you can make voice clear and sound better and record voice call.

SoliCall is an innovative software that helps VoIP users to reduce unwanted noises during calls, in real time. With SoliCall it will sound less disturbing than it really is.

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unlimited calls worldwide voip

For businessmen this is the best deal they can make use of. Why use phone and mobiles to call world wide when there is the best deal available. In $14 USD you can make unlimited worldwide calls for a month in almost all popular countries. Mobile and landline support for different countries is as under.

Landline and Mobile Calls Support

United States, Canada, China, Hong Kong S.A.R., China, Singapore, Guam, Puerto Rico.

Landline Calls Support

Argentina, Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Norway, Slovakia, Switzerland, Australia, Croatia, Estonia, Germany, Israel, Korea, South, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, Austria, Chile, Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Portugal, Sweden, United Kingdom.

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