Site Scan Results

No wonder why McAfee is not popular. There are so many effective anti-virus programs out there, many of which are free. By considering decreased sales McAfee adopted a lame way to force people to use McAfee and to be in news. They went to Yahoo to make a deal about their search results. As a result Yahoo started displaying website information using McAfee SiteAdvisor which alerts you if the any website has got suspicious or infected files.

Now! we all know there are tweak tools which are detected by antivirus programs as a threat but those are not. Antivirus programs give warning about those tools. So does McAfee. TechMynd was marked by Yahoo as site with 4 dangerous downloads and few other less dangerous files, 2 months ago (April 2010). We deleted all those files, even we deleted less suspicious files. After that we went to contact Yahoo and McAfee about the issue. Funny thing happened.

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