by on June 26th, 2013


Watch iOS7 screenshots on iPad.

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Zoolz dashboard provides you an informative interface from where you can view backup progress. You can pause and resume backup from dashboard. You can go to data selection to backup, go to Zoolz settings, and there is a restore section for backup that has been taken. Dashboard is really nice.

I subscribed for Zoolz service last night and I have got a free account with 100 GB online storage. You have to download Zoolz setup provided by them and have to signup by using that software and after when you are done, pure awesomeness starts. Its easy to use self explanatory great backup service that you will definitely love. Here are screenshots with explanation.

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by on April 1st, 2012

angry birds space 1 500x293

Angry birds space is a new version of all time famous game for PC, android, mac and iDevices. Following are the screenshots of angry birds space gameplay on PC.

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by on September 14th, 2011


We previously posted Windows 8 screenshots. Now finally wait is over and you can download windows 8 for free. Before you use Windows 8, here are exclusive confirmed looks of various sections of Windows 8. Above is the home screen of windows 8.

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Google Plus has got everything that FaceBook has to offer and even more. I give you a reason why you should consider Google Plus. There was a time of MSN and Yahoo messengers. Then came Gmail and GTalk so all the professionals moved to Gmail and GTalk. Now if someone use MSN messenger or Yahoo messenger, he will often hear his pals saying: “Hey! Why not GTalk? Its more professional.” Same with the FaceBook. All the spammers and idiots would be left behind on FaceBook and the Pros would shift towards Google Plus. Because it just seems right. Its the social networking place with the right tools. Google takes the rubbish-ness out from the web and provides only whats right and important. Google Plus has got everything you need for your online social requirements and its better then FaceBook. If you don’t take Google Plus seriously, you will consider it later on for sure. Google Plus has got the live stream, status updates, hangouts, sparks, news from the web, sharing tools, video chat, conference calling, live web chat, albums, videos, profile, comments, notifications, circles, friend suggestions, offline mode chatting, privacy settings, language option, full data backups, buzz, connected accounts, twitter integration and much much more… So why left behind? Use Google Plus today and find out how it is different and professional then FaceBook.

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Microsoft is experimenting with a ribbon interface for Windows 8, and the leaked screenshots showing examples of an early build are already out. Microsoft Word users have already used ribbon interface, where a tabbed and extra-tall toolbar resides at the top of the page, offering dynamic groups of icons in an attempt to make the user interface more efficient. Ribbon interface was also introduced to applets in Windows 7, including Paint and WordPad. Here are experiments with Windows Explorer (Windows Finder), adding various groups of tabbed ribbons at the top of the window.

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