Quick Question: Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard, Sound System, Router. Which one is most boring device? Router…of course. You install it and forget it usually, like forever (This case is different for Computer Networking Professionals who constantly deal with routers). Routers are the humblest most devices with no beauty, colors or glamour about em’. Few people I know care what their router looks like? and plenty don’t even know what a router is. They only care that their internet works and something blinking it sitting on the computer desk or in a corner behind a side table such that they can use it.

But the internet router. Most of us have one. Whether hidden under a desk or shoved next to the TV, this ubiquitous chunk of plastic and wires may be functional – but it certainly isn’t sexy. However, a new generation of ‘designer’ home routers will do far more than flash randomly and deliver the web to our computers. Goldsmiths, University of London – world renowned for design and innovation – has been working with the country’s largest home broadband provider, TalkTalk. Together, they have been exploring what the Routers of the Future might look like and how they could take pride of place in our households.

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