You can save yourself, friends and family if you know the laws and right measures to take against cybercrimes. The web as we know today is more vulnerable and not safe if we are not careful. All the social networking sites are doing pretty much good job to bring people we know and may not know closer, making our personal identity ‘not personal’.

Specially Kids’ Virtual World Safety Tips, Virtual World Safety Tips for Parents of Teens, Tips to Help Stop Cyberbullying, Tips to Prevent Sexting, Tips for Strong, Secure Passwords, Social Web Tips for Teens, Social Web Tips for Parents, Cellphone Safety Tips, Safety Tips for Video-Sharing, Chat Room Safety Tips, Internet filters have their place, but not for all kids, One family’s tech policy, Clicks & cliques: *Meaty* advice for parents on cyberbullying, Social norming: Increasingly key to kids’ Net safety, Dealing with cyberbullying on YouTube, ‘Soft power’ parenting works better, How to hide your Facebook friends list, ‘How to bully-proof yourself on Facebook’, Avoiding social networking scams are some of the articles at ‘Connect Safely’ you should definitely read.

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Whether you are thinking about to start a new business / startup or running a small business, you need to get your plans and things organized, you need some powerful promotional tools, advertisement solutions, right audience, online communities to get involved related to your business, reference and guides to help you educate for your startup improvement and business resources that help your business grow. It does not matter whether it is an e-business or not. You need your business voice be heard. Allow me to guide you towards some great resources for young entrepreneurs and fresh startup businesses.

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Download vectors for Christmas design needs.

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Winter as well as Christmas is approaching and I intend to put a lot of Christmas resources for designers here this December. [ December is my birthday month also :D ] I have two font packs here to share with you containing Dings, DingType, Type fonts and some others containing Christmas symbols for designers. You can download total 999 fonts from here.

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Fonts are essential part of typography and design. Create a beautiful design but if typography in that is not attractive, chances are you won’t get that deign approved. TechMynd brings you the BEST resources of fonts download and inspiration for Windows, Linux and MAC which will help designers create even better and attractive designs. I have collected lists of websites to download quality free fonts, best resources and selected professional most wanted free fonts you will ever need.

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I have mentioned two search engines to find high quality icons for your design projects and website. Here I want to put some website resources dedicated for icons having lots of beautiful fresh icon sets.

Dry Icon Sets

This is not just an icon set. These are sets of icon sets. All high quality free to download.


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I am talking here about fears you may encounter before shifting from Dreamhost shared hosting to Dreamhost PS hosting. If you are on Dreamhost, you might be wondering to upgrade to PS or you might encounter ‘Internal Server Errors’ and slow website performance at some point and in this case you definitely need to upgrade to Dreamhost PS. You and I have Dreamhost panel. In the control panel, it says: Enable Dreamhost PS. Just that.

  • Do you know the cost of Dreamhost PS?
  • Do you know how much often and when you will pay for Dreamhost PS?
  • Do you know how much you will pay for Dreamhost PS every month and plus what?
  • Do you know what you will get inside Dreamhost PS?
  • How you will control resources within Dreamhost PS?
  • How much time it will take to move from shared hosting to Dreamhost PS?
  • How they will decide that how much RAM and server resource you used in whole month?
  • What you will loose during the move?
  • What does Dreamhost PS mean by the word burstable resource?
  • Can you downgrade from Dreamhost PS to shared hosting again or not at all?
  • Should you get just a PS or PS and mySQL PS?

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Want to find any document or e-book in pdf format?

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