Social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook connect you with like minded people, friends, family and co-workers. These websites are tempting. Users want to share what they do in their real lives. They share dining activities, food pictures, travel experiences, stuff they like and stuff they dislike. People think that its a way to freedom and open speech. They can share their thoughts about cultures, religions and anything they like in anyway they like. If you use social networking websites then activities or stuff you share can be a big plus or negative for your professional carrier.

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by on September 11th, 2013


For some, dealing with stocks is easy as compared to currency pairs. You just study a company’s growth reports and statistics and buy stocks for future profits. It can prove less risky than trading in currency pairs as progress made by companies can be predictable, at least more than currency pairs. But this can be a long term investment. So, what affects Apple stocks more? There are several factors, but iPhone is one of those major factors that affects Apple stocks.

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