Designers, animators, every day user can use these software anywhere at any PC without having to install them for their design work, animation or modeling work, image viewing or image organizing needs. We have got Portable 3D modeling software, portable image viewers, portable image editors, portable photo explorers, portable image effects creators, portable icon editors, portable graphic viewers, portable image processors, portable 3D animation software, portable image organizers, portable image converters, portable photo converters, portable art creators, portable diagramming tools, portable 3D post-production software, portable 3D rendering software, portable cursor editors and more for all kind of image creation, management, editing needs.

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revolutionary new apple product with water cooling system

The new Ultimate Apple workstation! For all of those who can’t leave their seat. Have you ever seen a computer with water cooling system?

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by on February 21st, 2009


Working with Mental Ray in 3DS MAX and rendering objects (in this case, diamonds) with Mental Ray can give you outstanding quality and unsurpassed realism.

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