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1AVCenter is a complete audio video center. With 1AVCenter you can record, broadcast, and make remote surveillance of any source of video and audio of your PC. 1AVCenter also comes equipped with a secure web server to share files online. PCWINSOFT has arranged this exclusive giveaway for TechMynd’s readers. Everybody can get benefit from this offer and download full 1AVCenter that contains 1AVCapture, 1AVStreamer, 1AVMonitor, 1AVShare. The giveaway will be available for a week for sure and then after that it depends on PCWINSOFT, creators of 1AVCenter to decide.

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record skype conversations

You can easily record, edit, save or upload Skype Video Calls. Record Skype-to-Skype calls with other VodBurner users completely free of charge. There are no time limits or other limitations. Record calls with non-VodBurner users free (with watermark). Edit videos, add transition, remove transition, skip segment, add captions free. Advanced video editing (add text, pictures, audio) is free for calls with other VodBurner users. To produce videos without the watermark, or to use Advanced video editing for calls to non-VodBurner users, you can purchase a VodBurner subscription.

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