Rapidshare Join Files

Rapidshare is free file hosting monster. You can download movies, softwares, freewares and lots of stuff for your PC from there. Because there is a limit for uploading size therefore a lot of users split their files into multiple parts and upload these at Rapidshare. Now we can download part1, part2, part3 and so on and then you have to extract the file using winrar to make a single usable file. Normally when you extract part1, winrar detects other parts in the same directory and extract these for you to make a single file. Some files do not come in part1, part2 shape. These come file.rar.001, file.rar.002 state and there are two ways to extract these files. Either you rename these to part1.rar, part2.rar … sequence or you unsplit these using some software.

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