Rapid-downloads Com Scam

Here is the ‘Safe Browsing Website Diagnostic Test Tool’ by Google. How to test a website whether it is harmful for your computer or not? Ever encountered a webpage saying:

Warning: Visiting this site may harm your computer!

If yes then you might be wondering, what is this. Google indexes website and pages every millisecond. When it encounters any suspicious website which tends to install or download any software into the PC without user consent, it flags it as suspicious site and tells the browser to show a warning message to user before entering that website. This behavior of browser can be controlled to not show you this warning page but it is recommended that you do not do that. Because once you enter such website without caution or security measure, your computer get infected with malwares / spywares /adwares which will eat up system resources and block your activities resulting in computer won’t run properly. The cool thing is you can check the statistics of that malicious website flagged by Google and get detailed information about the risk. You can even check any website for possible vulnerability or risk in that for your computer.

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