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by on September 16th, 2013

icloud apps

If you use iDevices e.g. ipad, iPhone, iPod – you are probably using iCloud that provides great backup facility so that your contacts, apps, emails, notes, reminders and iDevice itself remain safe. You can turn the iCloud backup on from device settings (iCloud) and it will keep your data synced with device and your account with Apple. Whenever you update data from above mentioned programs, iCloud will save it in the cloud so that it may be available for you on other iDevices from anywhere. Recently Apple released iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S and the iOS got a fresh update (iOS7). With that, I had a chance to look into iCloud and noticed few new apps which are in beta phase yet but worth a look. If you purchase new iPhone, these apps come free with the new iOS7 but if you download those apps from Apple Apps Store, it will cost you few bucks. Here are the new additions to the iCloud.

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