by on October 12th, 2012

SecurelySend giveaway was offered at September 11th, 2012. SecurelySend is an online file upload, file transfer, file storage and file sharing tool that is used to send securely, 3 files of 200MB volume each, free, per month. That means, free account lets you send 3 large files of 200 MB each per month. The catch is the file security with SSL encryption layer that guarantees the file reaches to recipient and only the recipient. Premium account at SecurelySend allows you to send 20 files per month. Maximum size can be 2Gb and you can make that file password protected and encrypted. We had 10 premium accounts of SecurelySend. Here are the winners.

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Dark Mystery is second ever WordPress theme by TechMynd posted for public. First one was ‘StepAhead WordPress 3 Columns Theme‘. StepAhead was really a nice and clean SEO oriented WordPress theme with fluid width style. Dark Mystery is more of a design based custom WordPress theme. I did not intend to post it for public. I intended to use it for RecipeApart. After some days using it for RecipeApart, I felt that RecipeApart should be of clean styled design with less colors. So I have decided to post this Dark Mystery theme for public to use freely. Perhaps I will regret later, coz I love this theme a lot and I made it for myself.

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Rapidshare is a file hosting goldmine if you know how to search it properly. for example: Try using follwoing code. inurl:zip|rar|7zip|tar

Open google site. Put above line in search box, hit enter. You will get results of downloadable files with zip,rar,7zip and tar formats. inurl can be specified for finding files of specific format. e.g.


Now the following query will provide you direct link to download winrar software compressed in zip format. inurl:zip winrar

Rapidshare is one of the world’s biggest and the fastest file web hosts around the world with thousands of files being uploaded and downloaded everyday. But it does not have a search engine of its own, we can search files hosted at rapidshare and other many file hosting services directly using many resources out there as many many search engines are emerging to do this task.

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