windows 8 please comic wallpaper hd 12 500x281

We already posted part 1 of this comic series involving Windows 8. Here is the second part with different wallpaper in minor changes for character and comic text.

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windows 8 please comic wallpaper hd 6 500x281

Not to offend Microsoft or something, but this is fun, comic wallpaper of Microsoft Windows 8. Wallpaper theme is same, just few changes… You can share these with buddies or on Facebook, use these as a desktop background or change these wallpapers for fun. Be creative. Resolution of wallpapers is 1920 x 1080 pixels. I won’t type here full character details but this comic character (Please) went viral over Facebook. Users created many images with it for fun and shared a lot at Facebook. So here it is. I have changed the character in size and location over wallpaper so that you may pick what you like. There are both versions – with comic text and without text.

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