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osx lion 1 500x268 Mac OS X Lion Available Now From the Mac App Store

People have been doing the same things on computers for years. Clicking. Scrolling. Installing. Saving. With OS X Lion, Apple has challenged the accepted way of doing things by introducing new features that change the way you use a computer.

Mac OS X Lion brings Multi-Touch Gestures (that transform the way you interact with your Mac making all you do more intuitive and direct), Full-Screen Apps (systemwide multiple full-screen apps open at once), Mission Control (bird’s-eye view of everything opened and running on system), Launchpad (all the apps on MAC), Resume (restart your Mac and return to what you were doing), auto save feature, versions of your work, airdrop, new mail, and more.

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100 plus free awesome mac software

Got moved from a Windows to MAC? You will need essential software to do tasks you used to do at your PC powered by Windows. Here are some of the best software for MAC to start with from almost every essential category. We have got Word Processing for MAC, Office for MAC, AntiVirus for MAC, video audio software for MAC, CD/DVD Burning for MAC, browsers for MAC, PDF Viewer for MAC, Messengers for MAC, Video Converter for MAC, iPhone Converter for MAC, Utilities for MAC, DVD Ripping for MAC, RSS readers for MAC, File sharing for MAC, Windows emulators for MAC, wifi scanning for MAC, graphics software for MAC, FTP for MAC, Text editors for MAC, 3D software for MAC, games for MAC, bookmarking for MAC, Music software for MAC and more…

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