by on December 22nd, 2011

ibm next 5 2011

IBM Next 5 in 5 for 2011 unveils five important things that are going to change our lives in next five years. One of them is “Mind Reading”. IBM says that mind reading is no longer a fiction. Soon we will be able to control our devices with thinking of our mind. No need to use mouse or keyboard. Its like think and your devices will do that for you. Devices will accept commands directly from human mind.

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by on March 19th, 2011

Opera browser 11.10 beta is available to download and for preview with lightweight design, many new features and even greater speed. This beta is a test version of new features in next release. It includes known bugs and may be unstable in certain browsing conditions. So it is strongly recommended that you back up your current Opera installation before installing this version.

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